5 Reasons why you should visit the Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival 2016

The countdown to the 2016 Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival in Huddersfield begins. With just over 7 days until the festival arrives, local businesses around Huddersfield and Yorkshire are preparing themselves for an exciting 4 days (4th – 7th August).

There are hundreds of reasons why you should visit this years Food and Drink Festival but the 5 most important are:

  1. Promoting Huddersfield. If you are proud of your home town, what a better way to show it than making an appearance at the festival? Not only would you be a part of the biggest festival of it’s kind in Yorkshire, but you will also contribute to raising the profile of Huddersfield as being the vibrant town that it is. If that wasn’t already a good enough reason, you will be providing support to the numerous local and regional businesses of the surrounding area taking part in the festival. For small businesses this could be a very big and important day to promote their brand amongst the local community, which you can be a part of.
  1. Spending money is something we are all very good at. Some of you may already love spending your money on food and drink especially on your way home from a big night out, stopping off at a takeaway to fulfil your cravings. The beauty of the Food and Drink Festival is that you can stand in one place and be provided with both food and drink at the same time. Instead of having nothing to show for your money except a hangover in the morning, the money you will spend at the Food and Drink Festival will be re-invested back into the town centre and local businesses. At least if you do wake up with a hangover you know it will have been money well spent supporting your town.
  1. Everyone loves eating and with over 90 stalls you are spoilt for choice. There are many different cuisines to dive into from all over the world. Even if you’re not the adventurous type in regards to food this gives you the opportunity to sample new food and open your eyes to new flavours. You can undertake a food journey through the different stalls, from Seafood with ‘Mussel Pot’, all the way to the Caribbean with ‘Jerk Hut’. You can tingle your taste buds with the traditional spicy food of the Caribbean and then visit ‘Empire Brewery’ to cool them down. For those of you with a sweet tooth you can finish your journey with some retro confectionery from the ‘Sweets of Yesteryear’ stall.
    The Food and Drink Festival has everything on offer. If you have a family, it is a great day out. With their FREE kids workshops their aim is to engage young people in cooking, learning new skills and being creative with arts and crafts. It is convenient to keep all the children happy and when they get hungry, simply visit one of the 90 stalls available. There is definitely something for everyone!
  1. Festival at Dusk. Once the daytime activities come to a close the evening welcomes the local talent to showcase their music. Up and coming acts are given their moment to perform to a live audience, allowing you to scope out new music. All of the acts consists of hard working individuals with a passion for music, meaning you are in for a treat. Included in the line up are LewRey, Storm, Little & Often and Helter Skelter. You may have already seen these acts performing so this is your chance to see them again, or it will be your first time experiencing some of Huddersfield’s talent.
  1. EMPIRE BREWING. Your final and most important reason to visit this years Food and Drink Festival is Empire Brewing. They are a fun and quirky established micro-brewery. Producing their ales for over a decade has given them plenty of time to perfect the taste. The perfect team of husband and wife Russell and Lorraine Beverly, along with Craig and Sam work relentlessly to offer the best ingredients to produce their ale. Your taste buds will be taken on an adventure with their 8 different beers, varying from dark and chocolatey to sherbert, spicy and zesty. There is a beer to suityou’re your tastes. You do not want to miss out on this award winning beer to wash down the amazing food you will eat!

Huddersfield’s Food and Drink Festival continues to progressively grow every year with people from across the region, as far as Liverpool, Cornwall and New York joining the festival. The back drop of St George’s Square makes this event even more special. Be amongst the thousands of people that attend the best food and drink festival in Yorkshire!

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