Empire Brewing Our Story

Like all good adventures, ours started with beer. But it was a burning desire to create our own deliciously refreshing ales that reinforced our journey to the land of hops and barley.

Starting by running a pub in Quarmby, Huddersfield, after eight years we inevitably fancied a change. While we enjoyed pulling pints and chatting to the marvellous people who popped by for a drink or two, we fast discovered a need for real, quality ale.

So, we took matters into our own hands and began the process of brewing. It paid off; we’re still creating fine ales over 10 years later.


In little over two years we’d outgrown our bespoke, garage-based brewery and moved into our peaceful canal-side home.

From that fateful day sampling our very first homemade ale – named Strikes Back –  the plant grew, with our mission to serve the country with great tasting ale spurring us on.